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If business is what consumes your mind, an MBA is your calling. MBA is one of the most sought-after academic programs today across the world with prestigious B-schools in several countries like the US, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, and Australia, among others. Top universities proffer strong infrastructural and academic benefits coupled with exceptional internships and exposure to the latest technology and practical training through projects.

Getting admitted to top-ranking business schools requires quality work experience and strong academic records along with proficiency in standardized tests such as GMAT and TOEFL. Top companies offer internships that transform students into successful entrepreneurs and business executives of the future.

Open to all international students, the United States offers 1 year of Optional Practical Training period post the program where the candidate can acquire a full-time job. If the MBA degree is STEM certified (for example, specializations like Quantitative Finance, Information Systems, Business Analytics, etc. are STEM certified), then the candidate qualifies to avail a 3 year OPT period. Housing most of the top multinational organizations like Google, Facebook, BCG, Bains, McKinsey, Deloitte, Coke, Microsoft, United Technologies, and PepsiCo, the US is an apt choice for taking up an MBA course. Studying in the US will expose the candidate to closer access and a better reach to such business giants as the chances of being locally hired increase by manifold. Various investment firms have also shown a preference for students graduating from a B-school in the US while hiring for their firm.

Canada, on the other hand, offers a work permit for three years and comes with an opportunity to apply for permanent residency for those keen on settling in the Canadian lifestyle. After all, pancakes with maple syrup for the rest of your life isn’t such a bad idea.

Although, for people who have a robust experience of over 5-7 years, advanced 1-year MBA programs are also available, especially in the US. This is because these schools understand that the opportunity cost for such professionals working at senior levels like General Manager, is very high. In such programs, the curriculum is covered in an expedited manner. Some B-schools like SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Marshall School of Business at Southern California, etc., offer such programs.

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Learning outcomes and careers

Through an MBA program, students get unlimited opportunities to network with the top professionals of the country and the world.

A typical full-time MBA degree offers some core management courses in the first year followed by summer internships at the end of it. Depending on the area of the candidate’s interest, these can be top investment banking or corporate finance companies like Barclays, UBS, etc., or a consulting company like McKinsey. In the second year, the candidate is required to take up specializations in the field of their interest.

Pursuing MBA programs opens up a whole new window of opportunities post the completion of an MBA for international students.

A plethora of options lies once a degree in MBA is obtained. The much know areas which open to expecting candidates post-MBA are technology, sales and marketing, consulting, operations, and finance. These domains offer jobs for roles in project management, analytics, strategy consulting, operations management, venture capital, among others. Having said all of this, venturing into the world of startups will be a testimony to one’s entrepreneurial skills should they decide to do so.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” said Eleanor Roosevelt. If you believe your dreams fall into the realm of possibility under the sunlight, make it happen (and well, give us a heads up when you do that for us to be a part of your celebration).


If financial assets are where your interests lie and if the likes of Goldman Sachs has kept in awe for the longest time, then a specialized MBA in Finance Leadership could be a great choice. An MBA in finance can promise you a rewarding career in profiles such as investment bankers, financial analysts, and you can even see yourself as a chief financial officer in the longer run.


Cross your tech skills with that of management and you discover this area of MBA in information technology (or technology management). With a degree in this domain, you get the best of both worlds, as you climb the ladder. You can see yourself as an IT consultant or manager, a business analyst or even a chief technology officer, a few to mention.

How well can you handle the lifecycle of a product? From the genesis of the product idea to launching (and sometimes acting upon its feedback as well), product management involves a long cycle of step by step processes. From conducting research and assessing data, to developing a strategy, product management involves building and defending brands. With a specialization in product management, you can see a career in diverse roles including marketing management, brand management and consulting.

Step into this popular domain of business administration that deals with management skills and perspectives applied throughout a wide range of industries be it human resource of UX designing. Future post the completion of this degree is paramount including management or policy-making positions in industries.

If solving complex problems and providing solutions is what you master in, amongst your peers, how about converting that talent into some real business? Management consulting deals with providing business advice and professional services by experts that specialize in finding solutions to complex business problems.

Top Universities

Students enrolled in
Top Universities

Indian School of Business
Rotman, University of Toronto
Said Business School, University of Oxford
MIT Sloan
Cambridge University, Oxford University, Cornell University

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