Devna Grover

Meet Devna Grover. A creative individual who is passionate about science and colors. That’s a rare combo and that’s what we identified as the uniqueness of Devna. When she approached us for her undergraduate admissions in US, she was not that much sure about the field she should choose for her undergraduate studies which could help her harness her potential and interests fully.

As usual we indulged in extensive formal as well as candid conversations with her, and during one such conversation she narrated, “I vividly remember my first day in the school’s chemical lab, a lab with the smell of chemicals, a clean but musty scent. As our lab teacher made us do our first experiment of adding iron fillings in copper sulphate, I was completely bowled over to witness the blue colour of copper sulphate turning itself into light green. Soon, I encountered another colourful solution. It was amazing to see how the dark violet solution of potassium permanganate lost all its colour when slowly added to oxalic acid.The chemistry of color has brought about profound changes in what I feel I should be pursuing – my love for being creative, making and designing, observing the minutest details to looking at the larger frame of reference at the same point in time, putting my thoughts into action to unleash my desire to create something new!”

From this narration we could decide one of the strongest areas of her interest is ‘chemistry’. Through more detailed discussions with her and most importantly through our career analysis, we finally zeroed in on an interesting and lucrative field of study, Chemical Engineering. This if she followed with an education in Forensic Science then she could have an exciting career as a Forensic Scientist. The more we discussed on this, the more Devna realized this is what she wants to do!

So, we went ahead with the applications in this domain, and through impressive essays which highlighted the fact how while working with chemicals at the school’s chemistry lab, she developed an inclination to study the behavior, reactions and complexities of various chemicals.How and why she feels the field of Chemical Engineeringis the right choice for her, and how by following it with an education in Forensics Scienceshe hopes to lead an exciting tenure as a member of the team that investigates crimes.

All our efforts paid off as she received admits from premier undergraduate universities of the world including Purdue University, University of Massachusetts, Amherst with scholarship.

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