How can you benefit from EdElevate’s Coaching Approach?

Coaching Approach

For quite a while now, students aspiring for studying abroad have been focused on the very basics of securing admissions at top universities. These include robust academics, test scores, completing several projects and so on. At this point it might sound complete, right? Like you’ve got it all!

Importance of coaching and mentorship

With the changing times, the criteria for admissions has also been gradually evolving and becoming more holistic. The admissions committees of top universities now look for candidates who are not only top performers in academics and standardized tests, but also have diverse experiential learnings and background. What this essentially means is that if you want to bring your dream of studying abroad to a reality, having clarity about your goals, a well-balanced candidature, and structured thought process is just as important as dry statistics.

If your dream is to pursue an MBA or a specialized Masters program from a top Ivy League university, then EdElevate’s unique Coaching Approach and mentorship is perfect for you. With this, our experts with their experience help students make the best decisions. We mentor and guide students to make informed decisions based on how they can best realize their potential. With this student-centric approach, we ensure that our unwavering focus is always on removing obstacles in the application process and doubts from the minds of the students. The idea here is to rise above spoonfeeding and engage in a collaborative process to seek best results.

How do you benefit?

The Coaching Approach, taking into account the individual differences among students, strives to make sure that we create value and reduce noise. At each step of the application process, you benefit from the unique mentorship and coaching approach for your admissions. Here’s a brief of a couple of ways in which you can benefit-

  • Profile Building– When it comes to profiles, you might already be aware of the crucial importance of having a well-balanced candidature. However, this does not necessarily make you unique, does it? In our Coaching Approach, our focus is on building and brainstorming activities that work towards putting your best foot forward. For example, instead of taking up dog rescue work with an NGO, when you hate dogs, your effort and time might be better utilized in expanding your interests in music, sports, photography, fitness, or anything else. Sounds neat, right? The idea is to not force you to take up an activity you do not relate with but help you double down on your strengths.

  • Essays- With an enhanced awareness of self, you can also work towards actively improving your applications. One of the most significant areas where this is mostly visible is the admission essays. While brainstorming with students, we try to uncover their goals, understand their journey better, and figure out the perfect roadmap for success. We also encourage our students to write a first draft of the essays, after a comprehensive brainstorming session. This ensures that your story is out on paper, post which we guide you, assess and review the write-ups. The collaborative approach ensures that your journey is aptly captured and we are taking the best shot at your goals.

Collaborative Approach

With EdElevate’s Coaching Approach, the goals of our mentors is to guide students to realize their potential. The progressive path that we take does not just halt at the university’s admission, but goes beyond. With our process, students become more productive and professional and take long strides towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

EdElevate’s expert guidance

Our expert counsellors at EdElevate will guide you and help you throughout your application process with our unique offering customised admission mentoring based on your interests, with coverage of the best colleges in every discipline. Right from choosing the best study abroad option for you to mentor you, to building a strong profile, we offer a variety of services to assist students in realising their dream of study abroad.

Apart from offering mentorship to students, we provide assistance in crucial admission processes including shortlisting universities based on the student’s unique profile and area of interest, essay ideation and brainstorming, essay review, reference letter and resume reviews, interview preparation sessions, and more.

With all of these advantages, EdElevate is the greatest place for you to join and work toward your dream of studying abroad and establishing a successful profession. Attend a Discovery session at EdElevate today to chart out your road to success.

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