Choosing the Right Stream after Class 10th

Every student who is in class 10th always has this big question in mind ‘Which stream should I choose in class 11?’ Students are often anxious and confused and don’t know which is the right option for them. It is very essential that a student selects a stream that they he or she is interested in and with which he/she can relate. Students often pick up streams without giving it much thought. While peer and family pressure often turn out to be crucial deciding factors, following a friend’s choice blindly is also not uncommon. These practices should be avoided to have a happier professional life in future.

There are three broad streams that CBSE offers students – Science, Commerce and Humanities. Students often have misconceptions about these. They go by the stereotypical beliefs that if one chooses Science, he or she is considered to be smart and sharp and if one picks Humanities, they just do it because they do not want to study much. Commerce is often considered as a ‘safe’ option. However these do not hold true. Today each stream offers a variety of career options for students. What is important is that students choose something that matches their aptitude, interests and personality. It is important to know that the stream you pick will be the foundation for your further studies, hence one needs to choose it carefully.

Students need to understand what subjects each stream offers and what combinations they can pick which will help them pursue the correct course at the undergraduate level. They need to evaluate which subjects they like the most and choose the ones they won’t get bored studying. Choosing the wrong stream can lead you to being bored while studying or you might find it difficult to understand the subject because it doesn’t interest you.

A good idea for choosing the correct stream and subsequently the most suitable career is knowing your personality. For example : if you are an extrovert who loves talking to people and is comfortable in large groups, a career in sales could be a good option for you and picking up commerce should be a logical decision. For knowing your personality and interests, it is advisable that you take a psychometric test to see what kind of personality you have and which subjects align the best according to your interests and career aspirations.

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