Benefits of pursuing MBA education in USA

They say change is the only constant in life. There was a time when the a Medical or an Engineering degree were the only two career options that Indian parents wanted for their children .Indian students have always been keen to secure an international degree as globalization of education helps them to get a strong connection with the world. With cut throat competition there is a shift in scenario and today people are seeking broader horizons. Securing admission for MBA in USA is being seen as a sure shot way to a well paying job. MBA education from USA, especially from a coveted University has been considered as one of the trendiest masters of the 21st century .With innumerable benefits of pursuing MBA Education in USBENEFITS OF PURSUING MBA EDUCATION IN USAA , it is the most well suited country for the ones who want to pursue masters degree in business administration. They say “Fortune favours the brave” and today people are willing to push their limits and dream big.

An overseas educational consultants of Delhi, Edelevate mentors and guides students who are seeking admission for MBA in USA. “They proffer services such as counselling, interview preparation, application for MBA in USA, along with scholarship guidance for MBA USA .

One most important criteria required for MBA programs with top schools is the GMAT score. Apart from that almost all US Universities require a 16 years of undergraduate education and TOEFFEL. Preference is given to students with work Experience. One of the major obstacles that students face while planning a USA MBA program, is the financial angle. You may be able to get an MBA from India’s premier school in half the cost of one from the US .At the same time proportionately the average salaries that students who complete a USA MBA Program manage to four times more than their Indian counterparts. Scholarships provided for MBA programs with the top schools are a great way to funding MBA for International students. From tuition fees, to living expenses, food, insurance, accommodation etc, it a steep proposition and that is why the MBA Scholarships is one of the major benefits of pursuing MBA education in USA. Figures show that this is also why USA continues to hold a predominant position as an attractive destination for MBA for International students from countries such as India, China etc. The cost varies in choosing the type of school for MBA .There are two types of schools in USA, one is the private and the other is the state. As per the ‘Forbes’ Rankings’ the top five business schools for a MBA program in USA are as follows:

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Harvard Business School
Kellogg School of Management – North western University
Columbia Business School
Tuck School of Business- Dartmouth College.
If you are still confused as to why a MBA in USA, remember USA MBA programs provide a holistic and overall development opportunity to its students . An MBA program with Top schools gives them better job prospects, higher salaries, a global perspective an opportunity to a wholesome life. . “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes” Benjamin Disraeli .So come to Edelevate at the right time and get ready to live a the life you have always imagined.

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