Top 5 factors that influence your application to top B-schools

What influences your application

Looking forward to studying in an MBA program abroad but got no time to prepare for GRE and GMAT exams? The good news is that top renowned universities across the globe, especially in the US and Canada, are now increasingly waiving off GRE and GMAT requirements for students who want to go for graduate programs to study abroad. 

The shift has been triggered due to the novel coronavirus, which drastically changed the dynamics of overseas education. As a result, 67 of the top 100 universities have gone completely test-free or actively promoted test-waiver policies. However, MBA, MS Business Analytics, and related course admissions officials claim that their admission standards have not been lowered due to the policy modifications. Instead, they rely on other aspects of applicants’ applications to determine whether they can handle their programs’ academic demands.

University of North Carolina, Michigan State University, Northeastern University, NYU, Schulich School of Business at York University, Canada, UC Davis, etc., are some universities offering GRE and GMAT waivers to students. 

In today’s blog post, we will discuss factors that can influence your application to universities offering GRE and GMAT waivers. 

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Factors influencing your application to universities offering GRE and GMAT waivers: 

If you decide not to take the GMAT or GRE, you can concentrate on a variety of other aspects that may help you stand out; some are as follows:

  1. Academic History: 

Your GPA (Grand Point Average) is the first thing a graduate admissions committee looks at. Most institutions typically require applicants to have a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale throughout their undergraduate courses.

    2. Work experience or Internship: 

While not applicable to all graduate programs, professional experience is significantly important in programs like MBA and other business courses. Therefore, it could make a tremendous impact on your application, whether it’s merely a short internship or an intensive training program, or professional experience.

    3. Essays: 

Most graduate programs will require you to submit an essay of 1-2 pages. This will let the school assess your potential as well as your thinking abilities. In addition, the university will provide you with instructions or specific functions to address in your SOP in terms of substance. You will also be required to provide a background of the academic and professional objectives you hope to achieve after enrolling in the program.

    4. Letter of Recommendation: 

You will be required to submit 2-3 letters of recommendation from current or previous employers and academic programs. If you ask someone to write you a letter of reference, make sure they want to and are familiar with your accomplishments and academic record. Before they begin working on the note, provide them with adequate information about you, your career goals, information about the university, and so on.

    5. Strong Resume:

Our top tips? Add data such as honors, recognitions, community involvement, projects you’ve worked on, and so on to your professional experience to make your resume stand out above the crowd. Remember, your resume can be so much more than a document filled with dry statistics.

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