7 tips on how to write as successful Application Essay


  1. Personal incidents are NOT a ‘put-off’. Essays speak out your story. Be it a special circumstance or a broken relationship- anything worth sharing is a MUST TELL!
  2. Talking about university specifics such as clubs, student organizations, faculty, projects etc. in the essays make them stronger.
  3. Everyone values assets! The essays must highlight how you intend to contribute to the University; how your life experiences will help make the study experience more interesting for you as well as others.
  4. The essays should highlight your accomplishments. They should not be just listed as done in the resume, but speak about your competence in handling adversities, working in teams, leading by example etc.
  5. Community service engagements must be an integral part of the essays. If no prompt allows you to shine through your community engagements, the additional essay must be used to show your inclination to contribute. Include activities which you can resonate with. For instance, if you hate the smell of animals, but show a weekly commitment at a neighborhood pet care center, trust us, the admission committee will be able to smell the rat some way or other! If you have not undertaken any activity so far, START NOW. You will surely find some way to make contribution which will not only strengthen your application but YOU as a person as well.
  6. Ponder over your life so far and pen down your experiences with different cultures, traditions and people. Your essays should reflect these. International universities bring together people from almost every corner of the world. The more they find you endowed with diversity, the more they would want you to be a part of this dynamic culture.
  7. Never forget to highlight how keen you are to pursue the chosen program.

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