Ivy League colleges have a long tradition of academic excellence, exclusivity and elitism attached to them. Apart from the academic aptitude, intellectual depth, leadership qualities and knowledge of the institution, the statement of purpose plays a crucial role in the application process. The University’s admission committee puts a hefty weight on the structure of Statement of purpose for MS.

EdElevate proffers Statement of Purpose writing services and helps the aspirants in formulating an outstanding SOP for MS.  A powerful and impressive SOP can ace the admissions process and ensure that the student embarks upon a successful journey to his dream college. Following are a few tips on how to write an exceptional SOP for MS:

  • Write true stories The statement of purpose is more than just a regular essay. The admissions committee is inclined in knowing why you wish to study at their university. Instead of making it monotonous and routine, the focus should be drafting an original yet spectacular SOP.
  • Quantify your story The SOP for MS should serve as the best source of information about you. Your story must contain measurable quantities of depth, so that the readers are engaged and intrigued at the same time. Adding numbers of experience or proficiency adds the element of authenticity and reliability to the SOP.
  • Be precise Your SOP for MS serves as a medium to convey everything about you, your attitude, your personality and your character. You should not say things just to impress the committee; rather you should introspect and specify why you chose the given University and the course.
  • Fit the parameters and learn how to portray yourself Every Ivy league has its own distinctive parameters and those are the deciding factors. For example they may be seeking a candidate who can withstand academic workload of the graduate programme or is able to graduate within time and with a good percentage etc. A student’s intelligence can also be portrayed but by the way they write and this is where the expertise of the SOP writers at Edelevate comes to play.
  • Homework and preparation mattersThe career counselors and professional mentors at Edelevate do a complete and thorough research on the prospective colleges. The facilities, courses, professors and the alumni are what make the college special and distinctive. An impeccable SOP for MS needs meticulous planning and organizing so it best to take professional help and guidance.

Students applying to Ivy League schools often find themselves wading through a dense morass of conflicting advice. The SOP writing services proffered at EdElevate will help you craft a perfect SOP so that you can go confidently in the direction of your dreams.




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