Package and Pricing


At EdElevate, we enrol students for an all-inclusive package for Undergraduate, MS and MBA admissions. It includes services like university shortlisting, essays and documentation support, visa guidance, and more. A typical bouquet of all that we do would look something like this-

Services Package
Profile Assessment
University Shortlisting
Final short listing with categorization (safe, moderate or ambitious)
Analysis of each University’s requirements in detail
Aiding in understanding documentation requirements
Timeline management and deadline reminders
Application review
Scholarship Guidance
Basic SOP (Statement of Purpose) preparation
University specific customized SOPs with research interests
Basic LOR (Letter of Recommendation) support
University-specific LOR questionnaire support
Resume Editing
Add-on essays for specific programs and scholarships
Brain storming on how to strategically position your candidature in application essays
Admission Interview preparation tips and mock sessions
Guidance for financial documentations and I-20
Visa application and documentation support
Visa form review and support
Visa Interview preparation and mock sessions

Impressive, isn’t it? Find out how we do this, here.


At the core of our process is value creation. At each stage, we try to create value for you by customising our services to support your candidature. As we represent you to the university, it is a tough task to determine an exact, fixed value of the package we offer.

There are significant individual differences among all our clients, which is why it is crucial to understand that one shoe doesn’t fit all!

With the forex rates hitting new heights of turbulence by the day, it is obvious for anybody to get intimidated by the costs of foreign studies. But worry not by taking all that burden of calculation all by yourself, and losing it out on your calculator.

To determine the price of the package for you, you can fill out a short form and submit your documents to us for an initial assessment. We would then brainstorm with our team and give you a quote, keeping in mind several variables like, your candidature, scope of work, etc. Rest assured, we aim to give you the best possible prices with a promise to not cut any corners in our service.

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