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Now that you have decided that you want to pursue higher education, your nose should be in the books, sniffing out best options for research for yourself and leave the burden of technicalities involved in the university admission process for studying abroad. Allow us at EdElevate to take over the details, where from assessing your profile to find you a suitable university to penning down a compelling essay to guiding you to choose your recommender wisely to pre-departure formalities and documentation is our responsibility.

Once you enroll @EdElevate this is what a typical process cycle with you will look like:

Profile Assessment

Discovery/Strategy Session
Who are you? What are your goals? Where are you presently in life? and where you would like to see yourself in the next 5-10 years? In this post-enrollment session, we spend time on your profile for strategically positioning your candidature. We strategize future prospects keeping in mind your interests and their experience, thereby uniquely customizing and filtering our services according to your needs. Once we’re done with that, it’s time for coming up with a timeline that will help us go through the process felicitously.

Even if you do not enroll @ EdElevate you are most welcome to submit your profile to us online to avail a FREE Discovery Session.

Profile Building

A strong candidature is what we help you build in our following process, it includes:

Working on your Resume: Creating the perfect resume that highlights your accomplishments and skills, helping the prospective colleges measure your suitability for their programs.

Brainstorming on your career goals: Trust us, this exercise is the toughest one! The Admission Committees of top schools prefer candidates who have ample cognizance of their future. Your thoughts, and our expertise will help cumulatively zero down the short term and long-term goals that works best for your candidature.

Several creative ideas could be your legitimate brainchild but creating an impression on the mind of the admissions committee is another ball game, altogether that requires you to have a coherent understanding of your career.

This is where we come into play. Through research and years of experience of dealing with diverse profiles we understand the various facets and thus can suggest you the perfect roadmap helping you discover your future entailments.


Your standardised test scores are your ticket to the perfect university. But here at EdElevate we also take care of your personal preferences. Based on our interaction with you and considering your test scores, we shortlist a comprehensive list of universities that will be a perfect fitment aligning with your professional goals and personal requirements including location preferences, core specialization and budget.

Over a cup of coffee and brainstorming session we can finalise your universities (the coffee’s on us!) We give you a long list. Once you have selected your best picks from it, with mutual consent, we sort them in three categories: Ambitious, Moderate and Safe.

Applications and Documentation

For each targeted university we help you sort the application requirements and even help you fill in the application forms should you desire. We are totally invested in your benefit and would ensure a smooth transition for you.

Essays and More

You essay is your precious; it can either make it or break it for you. It speaks for you with the Admission Panel much before your charm reaches them. Your story should be worth their time. Your essay brings out your uniqueness and represents how you stand differently amongst a pool of other applicants.

Essays written for the application often involves reflection into your personal life as an extension of our personal life. You may take inspiration from whatever stands out for you- your family, cultural background or travel experiences. Or, even your decisions; why do a Masters now for example, what motivates you- work life, college life, projects, professors. As much as your background and your present, you must also lay the foundation of your future expectations. Your career aim in life and where you see yourself ten years down the line. Your essays also require you to elaborate on what you want to takeback from the applied course and why must you be a fit choice for the university.

As creative as it gets, your essays must comprehensively explain to the readers why you are their best option and how will contribute to the study experience, that is, why is it beneficial for the university to take you in.

We brainstorm with you, suggest ways to express your statements better and put forward the best of what you can. For those who find it difficult to pen down their thoughts, we have writers who can help them articulate their thoughts effectively.

Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

The LORs are very important documents that tell the admission committee why you are worth it? We will provide you insights on how to choose the perfect recommender and write a strong LOR. Again, it is YOU who should be the one shining STAR here.


The resume is a snapshot of your career. You might have shining records but failing to put them in the right place is the key. Helping you write a winning resume is what EdElevate experts do for you. From length to style to chronology, our experts have got your back.

Interview Preparation

Getting the interview invitation is much the highlight of your fore coming future. But doesn’t the best things give you the most jitters? Interview to your dream Uni is unarguable one and justifiably so.

Your body language, your oral skills, confidence, techniques to sell yourself, all of this and more is what we counsel you with. Mock sessions are a bonus on request.

Scholarship Assistance

Why give up on dreams because of limited resources? We won’t mince our words when we say that studying abroad is an investment, but it will yield results only after you have completed your program. Scholarships are advisable methods of financial aid as it will not only prevent you from shelling out a fortune, but also add to your badges of honour. At EdElevate we will tell you how to pitch your financial aid need through compelling e-mails and essays. After all each penny counts.

We help you zero down the scholarships that are best suited for you. Be it applying for a scholarship along with your application or one after your acceptance, we assist you thoroughly in both cases. Getting a scholarship is not easy but let’s make your stories appeal to them.

Visa Counselling

First came borders then came visas. All of that dream sans the visa is a destroyed effort and hence we’re here to guide you. Right from advising you on the documentation to aiding you in filling the form to nailing the interview, our expert advice significantly enhance your chances of getting the visa. At EdElevate, we provide you with complete assistance in filling the visa application. From the compilation of the required documents to conducting mock interview sessions, we prepare you the best. The process involves tips on how to retain calmness quotient, not getting intimidated during the process. Information about ticketing, foreign exchange procedures and medical insurance providers is also provided by us.

Need Help? Ask us!

Post Application Guidance

Once the application process is over and you have received your “Admit” letter, we help you with all the pending and pre-departure documents and visa process and finally bid you a sweet goodbye.

Even if you do not enroll @ EdElevate you are most welcome to submit your profile
to us online to avail a FREE Discovery Session.

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