If you too are amongst the countless number of aspirants aiming to crack through an MBA admission in USA, then you must look at your MBA application process closely.  The application process involves various stages and by preparing prudently for each one, you can be ahead of the game.

With decades of experience under their belly, MBA Admission consultants, EdElevate believe that a successful business school application requires significant time, planning and self- reflection. While proffering MBA abroad application tips to the prospective students, the experts at EdElevate recommend that they start applying early. It maximizes your chances of getting through your dream college and makes the process more manageable. Following are a valuable few tips on when and where to begin the application process:

  • Start your GMAT prep – Essays, LOR’s, class visits, supplementary classes… phew! The MBA application process can be a long and tedious one. One of the most important and stressful element of the application process is appearing for a GMAT. A good GMAT score is an important quantitative benchmark and so it is recommended that you start your GMAT prep at least 3 to 6 months prior to the exam. Our team of counselors at EdElevate motivates the students to take the GMAT in June as it gives them a chance to reappear in July, in case the first attempt is not as satisfactory as they hoped.


  • Self-reflection– One very crucial step which is often overlooked by the applicants is their own perception of who they are, personally, professionally and academically. Admissions committee look for skilful candidates who possess leadership qualities. Accelerating your personal achievements can help you in distinguishing yourself from the masses. Commit yourself to an organization about which you are passionate and strive towards making a noticeable impact.


  • Reaching out to the potential recommender– Recommendation is a key part of the admissions process and helpful and generous advisors can alleviate your chances of getting through your dream college. Essay question of a MBA application varies from school to school.  Filling up these forms is a time consuming and tedious procedure so it is advised to connect with the potential advisors well in advance.  Candidates must take their time to reflect their relationship with their advisors to ensure that the letters are powerful and genuine.


  • Finalize the school Selection and know the deadlines– The minute one considers a MBA admission in USA,there is a myriad of schools that flash through their heads.At EdElevate, our advisorshelp and guide the aspirants in developing the admissions strategy as well as researching each school in accordance to their long term goals. In order to ensure that the business school application process runs smoothly, the schools are shortlisted and finalized by July and the deadline for each is noted.

We hope that the above mentioned points have clarified confusion on how you should begin your MBA application process.  For more MBA abroad application tips, visit us in our office.






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