Being an overseas educational consultant, at EdElevate,we often encounter scampering students who are confused and perplexed. They wish to study abroad but are in a predicament over how to write that perfect SOPfor MS, which will ensure them admission in their dream college.One of the most imperative aspects while applying for overseas study is a powerful and significant Statement of Purpose.statement-of-purpose

A SOP for MS is the very first impression that you create in front of the faculty that is assessing your application. Apart from your educational qualification, the reasons of choosing a particular course etc., a SOP must include your overall life goals and aspirations. Just like life itself, there are no short routes to a great SOP. Copy and pasted or edited version of SOP’s of seniors or friends seldom yield the results you are wishing for.

Let us look at a few ways in which you can make an exceptional statement of purpose which will stand out from the rest:

  • Well-articulated and structured– The admissions committee for a MS are looking for certain qualities and strengths in their prospective students. They wish to know who you are, what you have accomplished and how you can contribute towards the development of their University and community. What appeals to them more is the originality rather than Cliché statements or lines.
  • Quantify– Add authenticity and accuracy to your stories. For example if you have taught at an NGO or indulged in some community service activities, share your experience. Share how well your students scored in the subjects taught by you. Teaching experiences must be outlined and you can even share awards, certifications or any paper publication if you have.
  • Be precise– Focus on the positive side of all your accomplishments, whether related to a planned research interest in a graduate program or volunteer work that you have indulged in. Be specific and don’t say lame things which you think will impress the committee. Rather be introspective and genuine.
  • Formal but a conversational tone– Be formal in your tone while keeping it simple and well balanced. The admissions committee must get the impression that they have found a prospective student who is strong minded and determined to succeed.
  • Customize your SOP– Many students make a blunder of preparing a basic template of SOP and then using it to apply in more than one college. This is where you could take help of the SOP writing services that Edelevate provides. We know that each University is different from the other in terms of ethos, principles and values. Apart from Universities, each county too differs on grounds such as culture, atmosphere etc.

We all are blessed with two hands: one to help ourselves and the second to help others. With the best SOP writing services in Delhi, EdElevate strives to help you write the most valuable and victorious SOP for MS




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