“You can do it”! When was the last time you heard these golden words. It is imperative that you say these words of motivation to yourself, if you wish to head towards your dream of an undergraduate education abroad. In India the kids are always told how class 10th and 12th are the two crucial deciding factors, whereas contrary to popular belief, class 11th is the time to pull up your socks and start preparing.

The overseas education consultants at EdElevate are often faced with blank stares or perplexed looks when they tell the students to start preparing from as early as class 11th.  Career Counseling, college selection, Essay selection, Interview preparation, resume writing and more, EdElevate can help with this and more.  The beginning is always now and if you too are seeking undergraduate admission in USA, let us show you why you need to gear up now;

  • Start early – Since USA offers the most well rounded and diverse atmosphere of education, an undergraduate degree in USA UG admission in USAremains one of the most preferred choices of millions. The process of UG in USA begins in the year prior to the start of the programme. Therefore it is important that the students start checking on admission requirement as early as class 11th. The standardized tests require preparation and perseverance and since the earlier academic records matter, it is suggested you take your class 11th seriously.
  • Selecting the right college- The students today are fortunate to have a wide plethora of options and choices for education abroad. Most colleges and universities in USA manage their admissions process independently and so the admission criterion varies. The programmes in USA are of four years duration each and are mostly credit based. Of course the better programmes require good results of the SAT 1 and SAT 2 examinations. So if you wish to secure a good result and reach your dream college, it best to start preparing for the tests from class 11th onwards
  • Varying Costs- Studying abroad is by no means an easy task. Apart from being tedious and time consuming, applying for undergraduate studies in USA involves a good amount of money as well. Even though there are some scholarships available, they are mostly offered at top schools for international students only. Even though certain financial aid or assistance is provided at some schools but asking for financial aid might at times adversely influence your application process. There one must start the process of arranging and sorting out the financial aspect much in advance.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started”, said Mark twain. If you are determined to pursue undergraduate studies in USA, now is the time to gear up for it.



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