Gitansh Gulati

Meet Gitansh Gulati who was aiming at top universities for MS ECE. He had a relatively low GRE score which definitely did not align with his excellent academic and professional background. He visited many consultants who left him disheartened by telling him that since his GRE score was not 300+, he only had the option to apply to safe universities and that top Universities were not much of an option for him.

Initially even we suggested that he should retake his GRE but due to his work responsibilities this was not a viable option for Gitansh. When we further analyzed Gitansh’s profile in detail we learned about his excellent research capabilities. Gitansh had a lot of published research papers and a good work experience. From our years of experience, we knew that not all Universities in USA are GRE centric but many of them are research specific.
We shortlisted the research centric Universities for Gitansh and highlighted all his achievements well in the essays. He was finally able to get admits to his preferred Universities: University of Arizona (with 100% Scholarship),Michigan State University and University of Colorado, Boulder.


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