4 Key Points That Matter When Applying for A F1 Student Visa for USA

study-in-usaF1 Visa Qualifications

Specific instructions for how to apply for your F1 visa are listed on the website of the US embassy or consulate that you plan on visiting, but regardless of where your visa appointment may take place you will need to provide the same kind of documents and address the same kinds of questions.

In order to qualify and as part of the F1 visa interview process, potential international students need to prove the following:

  1. Official Residency in a Your Country and Intentions to Return Home
    Upon graduation it’s imperative that the international student plans on returning back to their home country. If an interviewer can tell that your intentions are to become a permanent resident of the United States, your visa will more than likely be denied. The intention a student visas is to further educate yourself and then bring your newfound knowledge back to your country of citizenship, not to remain in the US.
  2. Admission to an Approved School
    During your interview it is also imperative that you can prove acceptance by a US institution or language school previously approved by the SEVP.
  3. Sufficient Financial Support
    F1 visa holders must be equipped to cover their living and study expenses while in the US, as legal employment opportunities will be limited.
  4. Ties to Your Home Country
    Another important part of an F1 visa interview is proving strong ties to your home country, including family, job offers, bank accounts or other assets.



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