Have you ever seen a budding cricketer practicing his game early morning or an aspiring actor rehearsing the lines of his upcoming play .The one thing these people have in common is the zest and zeal to practice and succeed in their respective fields. In the same way appearing for mock admissions interview before a MBA in top universities interview,is a chance to shine in the final interview.mock admission interview

A personal interview is like the last bridge you need to cross before you step into a new world of your dreams. Overseas education consultants, EdElevate proffer mock interview services and has successfully placed its  students in Universities such as the Harvard, London Business school, Stanford, Wharton etc.

An interview for MBA in top universities is like a battle scenario, in which your qualification and work experience is your strategy and your presentation skills are your ammunition. Your two biggest enemies are nervousness and lack of confidence. A mock admissions interview helps you in disabling your enemies and emerging victorious. It is not a only a test of your knowledge but also your ability to use it at the right time.

MS for Indian students requires intense preparation, ground work and research. With a mock admissions interview you can hone some basic skills of making the right first impression and appearing confident and independent. You should know to demonstrate your unique qualities and assets. An interviewer will be experienced and shrewd enough to look through your overly rehearsed or canned answers. The idea then in not to appear artificial or fake but to share your memorable experiences and showcase your potential and innate personality to the fullest.

Once you prepare well with a mock admissions interview, you can stop believing in luck and start believing in yourself!






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