Have the gut for information without getting overloaded? Are you the one who goes into the blackhole of data while reading about blackholes? Do you crave for fool proof particulars of your subject? Research is what we mean here; if you are looking for an out-and-out understanding of your subject, go the research way.

If research is what consumes your mind, a PhD is your calling. PhD is, hands down, the most sought-after academic program today across the world with prestigious universities and research labs across several countries like the United States, among others. Top universities take pride strong academic benefits coupled with exceptional fully funded programs, with exposure to world class laboratories.

PhD is also one of the toughest courses to crack. Universities usually demand a solid research experience and publications, with a strong academic record. All of this in addition to proficiency in standardized tests such as GRE and TOEFL.

Pursuing a top PhD program from a university abroad comes with its own set of challenges. You are expected to adapt to an entirely different environment, and things can get a little hectic sometimes. But should a pro-con analysis be done; you would realise that the pros far more outweigh the cons.To begin with, PhD programs are fully funded; which means all your financial worries can take a back seat enabling an undiverted focus on your research. Besides, you will also earn a substantial stipend which will help you cover your basic living expenses and you can flaunt the pride of financing yourself. You can further earn more through internships and assistantships. This can be the beginning of your independent lifestyle, where you are your own boss.Because places like US are hubs for students, chances are that your classroom would be a very diverse one. You would have peers from all over the globe. In addition to gaining a formal education and spending long hours doing research, you get to learn about new places and cultures every single day. Interacting with people from all walks of life and collaborating with fellow researchers would be an experience of a lifetime.

The PhD programs in universities abroad are also more organised and streamlined. This ensures that the time you spend studying is optimised to give you the best of knowledge and education.

Economics: An endless study of Adam Smith and wrapping your head around Keynesian theory, economics will require a strong commitment. If you are freakonomist, interested in understanding the intricate workings of the profound subject, then a PhD in economics is the right program for you. Some of the most popular domains within economics that people specialise in are, International economics, financial economics, and developmental economics.

Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Computer Science: That technological growth and integration is the future of humanity, is beyond any shred of doubt. But to be a part of the upcoming domains like artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., one needs to have an in-depth understanding and interest in research.

Biomedical Sciences: Some of the most sought-after programs in the world are in biomedical sciences. Major areas of research can include subjects ranging from cell and molecular biology, immunology etc.

Pharmaceutical Sciences: A research program in pharmaceutical sciences from a top university would have you pick topics like drug discovery biology, disposition and dynamics, medicinal chemistry, medicine use and safety, etc., for your degree.

As PhDs are academic programs, naturally, academia is the first choices of PhD graduates. The field of academia offers a lifelong learning opportunity coupled with handsome salaries that would not only help you pay your bills but also support your lifestyle. Organisations that hire PhD graduates also make sure that they get the best of the lot. Superior analytical skills and an ability to effectively deal with complex problems is a pre-requisite.However, the scope of a career though, stretches beyond academics. PhD graduates can also try their hands at all kinds of careers in diverse fields like investment banking, law, writing, research, among others that require a robust subject knowledge and the expertise.

How do we help?

PhD is a tough job, don’t take the added burden of decoding university fitment, optimization of your test scores, taking into consideration the specializations offered, selection of core subjects that align with your interests, essay writing, visa and pre-departure hassles et cetera. You get the gist. Let the experts (yes, our students have been successfully placed in Ivy Leagues/top Universities and yes we do love to brag about it occasionally) handle it all for you at EdElevate.

EdElevate, an overseas education consultant in Delhi/NCR region, provides counselling and guidance to students who wish to pursue a PhD. PhD programs are designed for graduates from all backgrounds and they provide an in-depth study opportunity and research exposure. PhD gives you a specialized focus, thus sharpening your skills and career prospects.

EdElevate helps and guides the students who are applying for PhD programs across the globe. From Statement of purpose to transcripts, resume, letters of recommendation or any other requirement, our expert career counsellors are there to help you make a smooth transition into your dream course.

Top Universities

Applying for PhD programs is a plunge. You have to be confident about your credentials, see where you have a good shot, and put your best foot forward.

PhD being one of the most prestigious programs in the world (and not meaning to intimidate you but certainly the toughest to get through), which means that a perfect college fit has to be taken upon a case by case basis. Essentially, what this means is that there are several factors that we at EdElevate consider to shortlist colleges for you. Factors like research laboratories, funding, mentors, fall in the ambit. What all the top institutions look for, are ways in which you can contribute to the ongoing research at that university. If your experiences align with the current research at a university, it increases your chances of getting through, manifold.

Where have we placed?

As PhD Consultants in Delhi, EdElevate provides great insight into the admission process of a particular university or PhD program to students. EdElevate takes immense pride in being known as one of the best PhD overseas admission consultants in Delhi. Our students have taken admission to eminent institutions abroad such as University of Texas Health Science Centre, University of Southern California, University of Utah, Texas A&M University, University of Arizona, Purdue University, University of Georgia, University of Texas Austin and University of Nebraska Health Science. At EdElevate, we lay down all the options in front of the students and show them all the perspectives while keeping their best interests in mind.

After all, we all live only once, but if we live it right, once is enough!