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Pursuing higher studies is a big decision and you should be clear on the fact why you want to go for the same.

A strong degree is a feather on your cap and takes you a long way in your career…is something you’ve been told for so long by so many different people.

But is that your reason? This is an essential part of discovering why you need that degree.

Is it for flaunting those sheets off in a world obsessed with fancy degrees or is for adding tangible credibility to the struggle towards the insurmountable knowledge you received, or simply to bring you back your college days of utmost learning and undying passion for your subject?

Whatever it is, it is only you who is best fit to answer that for yourself.


Plethora of different courses surrounding the same subject have sprung up in the past years. While they share the same domain, all of them aim to deliver nuanced results. It is extremely important, therefore, to completely understand the domain of your interest before taking it up.

Name a course and we’ll tell you; been there, done that!

It is not just about undergraduate programs and selected science and business courses. We at EdElevate help students get admitted to programs in domains as diverse as Real Estate Management, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Public Relations, Psychology, Environmental Engineering to mention a few.

And in other cases, we can always aim to put our best foot forward.

How do we help?

EdElevate, an overseas education consultant in Delhi/NCR region, provides counselling and guidance to students who wish to pursue education abroad.

EdElevate helps and guides the students who are applying for academic and professional programs across the globe. From Statement of purpose to transcripts, resume, letters of recommendation or any other requirement, our expert career counsellors are there to help you make a smooth transition into your dream course.

Where have we placed?

As admission consultants in Delhi, EdElevate provides great insight into the admission process of a particular university to students. EdElevate takes immense pride in being known as one of the best overseas admission consultants in Delhi. Our students have taken admission in some of the most prominent and legendary schools abroad given below:

At EdElevate, we lay down all the options in front of the students and show them all the perspectives while keeping their best interests in mind.