Masters in Finance / Quantitative Finance


Calling out all the money minded enthusiasts who are intently, compulsively into keeping track of money calculations, getting it unfalteringly spot-on each time. Here’s a course for you that is going to mould your flair into sheer expertise.

Be it financial markets or a company’s investment, the world of business and finance is extremely intense and competitive. A Master’s degree in Finance or quantitative finance would enable you to develop skills to be used in a variety of its domains and careers. Given that it is an aggressive industry, constantly upgrading your skills and learning the industry best practices would be the best way for you to distinguish yourself.

The Master’s in Finance programs help students form a strong foundation to base their careers on. With the various electives offered and specialisation tracks, students get to explore different areas within the finance industry and develop a well-rounded, in-depth knowledge of business. Some broader level topics which the courses explore are- the analysis of the fluctuations and changes in the growth and flow of money, the value of money, return of investments, etc.

A master’s program in finance typically lasts two years but accelerated one-year programs also imparted by some universities. Some universities like the University of Arizona in the United States, offer such programs for individuals with significant professional work experience.

A degree of MS Finance empowers you with skills specifically pertaining to the domain of finance and quantitative finance. It can open up careers in fields like investment banking and corporate finance. The degree specially focuses on finance and financial markets, with a limited exposure to the other sides of business and management.The skills and competencies that a student develops while studying courses in topics like basics of budgets, the money market, credit analysis, the global economy, loans, investments, etc., are as important as experiential learning. Which is why most finance programs have live projects and internships built into them. It not only leads to overall growth, but makes people job-ready, as soon as they graduate from the program.

Corporate Finance – This branch of the study will give you a firm understanding of corporate finance, including accounting principles and financial analysis. How global markets create value, the choices firms face when making financial decisions, and defining attitudes towards risk. Corporate finance specialisation primarily focuses on financial issues at the company level, this includes learning how new companies would raise capital, how to chart a company’s financial model and capital structure, and the financial governance structure of businesses. By opting for this stream, you will gain knowledge of broad financial issues, the choices that firms make every day, and how these choices impact their performance and valuation.

Financial Engineering – An excellent option for people with an engineering background, financial engineering draws on tools from applied mathematics, computer science, statistics, and economic theory to address current financial issues and devise original and ground-breaking financial products. It provides a concrete preparation in quantitative methods for finance. Quantitative analysts, consultants and managers are the various positions open to students post the completion of their degrees.

Risk Management – Risk management is a discipline that teaches techniques and theories to limit threats. This specialization is designed to prepare students to become a specialist in analysing risks associated with insurance and investment of a company or establishment. It provides the students with the academic and professional forte needed to advise on and manage risk agents related to the finances of companies and their operations.

Financial Technology – FinTech broadly covers the technology-enabled business industry. It specifically targets the financial sector, taking into account that innovation has time and again caused disruptions in the existing industry structures, revolutionizing how companies create and deliver products and services. It has led innovation to provide novel gateways for entrepreneurship and opportunities for inclusive growth. Some of the most significant innovations central to FinTech are cryptocurrencies, blockchain, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, etc.

Industries dealing with banking, financial planning, investment planning, money managing, insurance, corporate finance, real estate, among others are on the look out for graduates in this domain offering eye catching compensations. After the completion of your degree you stand to be their potential candidate.

Ultimately, any job that would concern the creation, management, and analysis of wealth would be open to graduates in finance. Such positions are available in plenty across the globe and are one of the most in-demand careers in the global business scenario at the moment. Whatever your aspiration may be, a Master of Finance degree would set you up for success.

However, it is important that on top of having a solid theoretical foundation, a person also has people skills with an ability to network. This would allow an individual to climb the corporate ladder quickly and reach senior level decision making positions.

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