Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)


The Digital Age has gotten into our human ‘systems’ resulting in technology dominating our lives. Be it mobiles, television, ATMs, etc., computer technology and science have even managed to tap the boomers and for the millennials, its nothing short of a way of their lives. The greys of the human lives will soon be entirely operating on the ones and zeros of the computer systems, but this will, however, need the hands-on expertise of humans. An MS in Computer science makes you one among those experts.

Computer Science is the study of theory, experimentation, and engineering. An MS in this field offers a deeper understanding of computers and makes you the master of this tech that has almost taken over the world. The various realms of specialization in the field range across a variety of subjects like machine learning, network systems, design and analysis of algorithms, autonomous robotics, software development process, database systems design, scientific computing, social computing, and visual analytics to name a few.

With the USA being the breeding ground for technology that is forever changing and rampantly growing, the demand for MS students from India is also consistently rising.

A Master’s degree in Computer Science from a University in the US is a ticket to a successful and bright future. The USA is a host to a plethora of universities as the likes of Universities of California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, etc. that offer these courses. It normally takes one or two years to complete the course while a few universities also offer courses that are part-time, online or through distance learning.

MS in the USA has the following benefits:

  • Specialist knowledge of Computer Science theories, methods, practices and strategy.
  • Understanding of computing architecture, construction, engineering, and design.
  • Wide knowledge and understanding of a range of computer-based system.
  • Knowledge of computing software, tools, packages, and design.
  • Learning a range of various programming languages.

Pursuing an MS in Computer Science in the USA as an international student adds on the exposure to different cultures and networks that is soon to be completely taken over by these systems. The computer is one of the most global commodities and a year of study abroad will give a student from India a deeper understanding of its uses around the world.

Some of the possible areas of concentration for study in the Master of Computers field at universities in the USA are Information Systems, Health Informatics, Web and Multimedia Design, Systems Engineering, Instructional Design and Technology, Cyber-security, Computer Management etc.

With an ever-increasing demand for Computer Scientists daily, in this digital world, MS programs have excellent graduate prospects for students. Unarguably, computer science is the heart and soul of every industry, be it science, health care, engineering or even basic start-ups. To begin with, no work is possible without a medium of information transmission and the basic instrument for that is a computer or a laptop that even you must be reading this on.

In terms of monetary returns Computer scientists earn handsome salaries that helps others make a livelihood and keeps the larger chain going.

How do we help?

Edelevate, an overseas education consultant in Delhi/NCR region, provides counseling and guidance to students to help you pursue an MS in Computer Science in the USA. MS programs are designed for graduates from undergraduate computer courses and they provide a more in-depth study opportunity. MS programs in Computer Science in the USA also give you a specialized focus on an area of technology thus sharpening your skills and career prospects in the US. MS in Computer Science in the USA is a wise investment for the future of an MS student from India.

EdElevate helps and guides the students who are applying for MS program in the USA with detailed guidance in helping them form their Statement of purpose, transcripts, resume, letters of recommendation or any other requirement. Our expert career counselors help you make a smooth landing to the university of your dream course of MS in Computer Science in the USA.

Top Universities

The USA is the torchbearer of world-class education, cultural diversity, advanced facilities, and career opportunities. Listed here are the 10 best Universities offering MS in the USA for Indian Students:

Carnegie Mellon University
The School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University offers one of the most coveted MS in Computer Science in the USA for Indian students. The course module covers various areas such as Statistics, Graphical modules, Languages, Programming, etc.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Department of Computer Science at the MIT requires the students to do 66-course units and covers various aspects of CS.

Cornell University
Cornell University incorporates both the technical and business classes and focuses on entrepreneurial skills through their exhaustive course in computer science.

Harvard University
Harvard University’s computer science course gives you a deeper understanding of cloud computing, privacy, scalability, security, and software technologies.

University of Illinois
Pursuing an MS in Computer Science in the USA at the University of Illinois helps the student in learning fundamental concepts of computer science and programming. The students are also taught how the past and present technologies affect future innovations.

University of Pennsylvania
The Computer Science program at the University of Pennsylvania aids the development of future intellectual leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thinkers. Coursework includes subjects like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Computer Architecture, among others.

University of Southern California
The MS in Computer Science program at USC offers an intensive course based on the concepts and techniques related to design, programming, and application of computing systems.

University of Texas, Austin
The MS in Computer Science in the USA at the University of Texas encompasses theory, mathematical activities such as design and analysis of algorithms that create and describe information and formulate suitable abstractions to model complex systems.

Georgia Institute of Technology
The course at the Georgia Institute of Technology stressed on a hands-on approach, applying computer science theory to business and other world problems through examination and manipulation of large databases.

York University
York University’s course focuses on multitudinous sub-disciplines including real-time and concurrent systems; artificial intelligence, graphics and robotics; micro/nanoelectronics networks; and parallel algorithms and architectures.

Universal of British Columbia
Established in May 1968, UBC’s Department of Computer Science, as the University says, is one of the top computer science departments in North America.

Where have we placed?

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