A valued degree, world class Universities, job oriented management courses and cross culture exposure are a few reasons why the US is the most preferred destination for a UG course. Indians are extremely protective about their children and tend to be highly particular about factors such as safety, accommodation etc. when the kids go to pursue undergraduate studies in USA.

EdElevate is a UG in USA consultants in Delhi. They have an array of counseling experts and academicians, who give guidance to Indian students pursuing UG in USA.  Apart from selection of UG admission in USAcourse and University, EdElevate also offers pre departure counseling.

USA is known as a melting pot and the American community in general is known to be friendly and accommodating. USA has the largest number of international student population who seek to pursue undergraduate studies in USA. It may seem easy but adapting a new life in a strange land can seem like an overwhelming task.  In order to ease the students who go to pursue a UG in USA,each and every University has an international student services office. They organize a number of events and programs on regular basis. Living in a new country come with its own challenges and it is best to be fully aware of the various ways and means in which you can adjust and blend in.

Here is a general over view of the kind of accommodation that the students of UG course in USA can opt for:

  • Uni Accommodation– In this scenario the Students pursuing a UG course in USA have to pay accommodation fees inclusive of their meal plan, for a stay at the college campus.
  • Private Accommodation – This option allows the students to opt for a meal plan. This is a good provision because it gives the students time to concentrate on studies rather than getting involved in the hassles of cooking and cleaning.
  • Home stays Accommodation – A fantastic way to mingle with the natives, home stay accommodation is a good option for Indian students pursuing UG in USA.You can learn the culture and customs and it also gives the sense of security and warmth.
  • Dormitories – On the same lines as a hostel system of India, USA has dormitories or private accommodation. Ideally it is recommended that you choose a dormitory in the vicinity of your college in order to save the time of commuting up and down while you pursue your undergraduate studies in USA.
  • Sharing basis- Often Indian also opt for sharing accommodation and living with people of their own community. This instills a sense of familiarity and comfort in them.

USA is a diverse nation and one can develop cross- cultural ties by opting for any of the above means of staying and accommodation. If you are seeking UG admissions in USA,then visit the number one UG in USA consultants in Delhi, EdElevate.





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