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Thank God the Earth is spherical, or we’d have a new university coming up at every corner!
Which there is, except, the corner rhetoric doesn’t stand.

In this global rat race of popping universities, we certainly aspire for top schools. Top schools need best candidates and EdElevate churns the best out of you. It is the one stop destination for all your study abroad dreams.Previously known as Innovative Training Place (ITP) Study Abroad, our institution has been a part in shaping innumerable careers and lives for over 25 years now. We rebranded our self as EdElevate in 2016, striving to focus solely on personalised admissions consulting and mentoring.

We understand that assessing the candidature and positioning the profile of each of our students, is as important as their essays and interviews.

We provide comprehensive admission consulting and documentation support to students aspiring to study in top schools around the globe. This includes shortlisting of the Universities as per the student’s unique profile and area of interest, timeline management, ideation and brainstorming for essays, essay review, reference letter and resume reviews, interview training and body language sessions, etc.

Forget the mainstream agency format because we bring to you a personally curated list based on your interest and the finest universities in the field.

The Founder – Umesh Bhatia

A holistic approach is only possible through the combined efforts of the team conducive to the development of our students.

Heading our small but efficient team is Umesh whose calm demeanour makes him one of the most positive people to be around.

An engineer by profession, Umesh has always had the foresight of an entrepreneur. Post his Engineering program, Umesh co-founded a test-prep and admission consulting company ITP Study Abroad to fulfil his long-standing vision of starting up his own consultancy, helping the student community achieve their goals of further and better education abroad.

Being one of the early starters in the domain, he got the opportunity to explore the length and breadth of USA, visit the campuses of top universities and interact with academicians from various disciplines. At the helm of affairs, his forte is mentoring and counselling students helping them to identify their strengths and work on their weaknesses. He has helped many students to highlight the academic, personal, professional and cultural dimensions of their personality in their essays.

In various roles over the years, he has helped students achieve their desired goals through transformation by choice.

He has also been a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients. As the Director of a consulting firm, Agile Plunge, he has been an active guide in helping businesses evolve, around the world and across different verticals.

Under Umesh’s mentorship, our institution also re-branded itself from ITP to EdElevate, which is proof to his keenness to learn and upgrade his skills, his flair for creativity and the unending – for success.

If you aim for a positive overall change, you have found yourself under the guidance of the right team headed by Umesh who is an attestation of cohesive transformational skills.

Our team

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality. We engage all levels of an organization from day one.

Hasib sharif

Senior Consultant

Hasib sharif

Senior Consultant

Hasib sharif

Senior Consultant

Hasib sharif

Senior Consultant
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